BUILDINGS: Condition Assessment and Monitoring

The SGK can give advice in the project planning of reinforced concrete structures and steel structures (e.g. development of protection concepts, material selection, etc.) and optimize the durability of reinforced concrete structures by monitoring methods.

The SGK additionally also performs condition surveys and has well grounded special skills in particular in the assessment of the corrosion risk of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures.

General condition assessment of reinforced concrete structures by means of non-destructive testing (coverage measurement, reinforcement localisation, potential measurement, etc.) and destructive sampling (carottage, etc.)

  • Potential field measurement with personnel certified according to leaflet SIA 2006:2013
  • Electrochemical measurements to assess the state of corrosion of anchors, piles, retaining walls, etc. (e.g. by means of acceptance testing or periodic inspections)
  • Online monitoring to survey the condition development and to monitor the effectiveness of protective measures.
  • Development of earth-grounding concepts from with focus on corrosion protection
  • Acceptance testing, monitoring and troubleshooting of electrically isolated tendons (Cat. C)
  • Quality assurance of stainless steel and coatings for fastening elements and facades 
  • Project planning and monitoring of cathodic protection systems
  • Assessment of stray current hazards and the development of protective measures

In addition to field studies, the following additional measurements can be performed in our own laboratory:

  • Analysis of concrete samples (chloride analyses, carbonation depth, moisture content, etc.).
  • Material evaluation concerning corrosion resistance
  • Electrochemical characterisation
  • Corrosion measurements on fastening element
  • Assessment and optimization of novel corrosion protection concepts.