Reinforced and prestressed concrete structures, steel structures and geotechnics

We advise you on the project planning of reinforced concrete structures and steel structures, e.g. on the development of protection concepts, the choice of materials, the selection of monitoring methods, etc.

The SGK has special competences with regard to the assessment of the corrosion risk of reinforced and prestressed reinforced concrete structures.

Our assignments include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  • Condition assessment by means of non-destructive testing methods (overlap measurement, potential measurement, etc.)
  • Condition assessment of reinforced and prestressed concrete
  • Condition assessment of coatings in steel construction
  • Electrochemical measuring methods for assessing the corrosion condition of anchors, piles, etc. (e.g. as part of acceptance measurements or periodic inspections)
  • Acceptance measurement, monitoring and troubleshooting of electrically insulated tendons
  • Online monitoring for checking condition development and monitoring the effectiveness of protective measures
  • Quality assurance of stainless steel for fastening elements and facades
  • Quality assurance of coating work in steel construction
  • Monitoring of project planning and execution of cathodic corrosion protection systems
  • Development of earthing concepts from the point of view of corrosion protection
  • Assessment of stray current hazards and development of protective measures.

We have our own laboratory where we carry out a wide range of tests ourselves.