David Joos

David Joos

David Joos

Machine Engineer ETH Zurich

Project Manager

+41 44 213 15 92

Areas of expertise

  • Building assessment
  • Laboratory tests
  • Type C Tendons
  • Tank facilities
  • Water power plants
  • Condition assessment of reinforced concrete structures

Personal date

Since 2009 Employment at the Swiss Society for Corrosion Protection
2007-2009 Education as MSc. Biomedical Engineering at the ETH Zurich
2003-2007 Education as BSc. Mechanical engineering at the ETH Zurich

Personnel certification
CCP level 2 for plants in soil according to SN EN 15257 (S -Cert)
CCP level 2 for systems of reinforced concrete according to SN EN 15257 (S -Cert)
Fachperson Potenzialmessung gemäss SIA Merkblatt 2006:2013 (S-Cert)