Gas and water supply

With its international standardisation activities, the publication of guideline C1 "Guidelines for project planning, execution and operation of cathodic protection of pipelines", the management of various national and international research projects and the training of specialist personnel for cathodic corrosion protection in accordance with EN 15257, the SGK has an internationally recognised professional competence.


Pipelines are very vulnerable to external and internal corrosion. Latest material developments and an increasing influence of direct and alternating currents are increasingly leading to challenging situations in terms of corrosion technology. The SGK has specialised in the investigation of these issues in transport and distribution networks, sprinkler systems, heating and air-conditioning systems and is characterised by a holistic approach:

  • Damage analyses
  • Investigations on systems with different material combinations
  • Support in the project planning of KKS systems
  • Functional checks of KKS systems
  • Assessment of the risk of alternating and stray currents in pipelines
  • Support in the planning of protective measures against external influences
  • Fault location and intensive measurement of cathodically protected systems
  • Quality assurance.

The examinations are often usefully supplemented by comprehensive laboratory tests.