PIPESLINES: International professional competence

Pipelines are very vulnerable to external and internal corrosion. Latest material developments and an increasing influence of DC- and AC-interferences lead to technically demanding corrosion situations. The SGK has specialized in the study of these issues in transport and distribution networks, sprinkler systems as well as heating and air conditioning systems.

Major areas of activity are:

  • System studies of complete construction parts and different material combinations
  • Planning of cathodic corrosion protection systems
  • Functional checks of corrosion protection systems
  • Assessment of AC- and DC-stray current interferences of pipelines
  • Planning of protective measures against influences from third party structures
  • Error location and intensive measurement.
  • Quality assurance of stainless steel and coatings
  • Protective measures against third party structures
  • Failure analysis

Pipelines: International professional competence

With the activity in international standards, the publication of the Directive C1 "Guidelines for planning, implementation and operation of the cathodic protection of pipelines ", the leading of various national and international research projects and the education of personnel for cathodic corrosion protection according to EN 15257 the SGK achieved internationally recognized professional competence.

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Pipelines: Water and gas supply

These are often damaged by insufficient consideration of corrosion protection in the planning phase and improper material processing and material combination. In these cases, the SGK can support you with:

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